WordPress Plugins

What plugins have you deployed and why? How have you deployed and configured them with discussed examples and screenshots?

WPBakery Page Builder – This plugin has an intuitive drag and drop design, which makes customisation even easier. It provides grid lines with various option for you to work within the container, where you have a wide selection of elements to choose from, being media, social media, maps and so on.


SEO Yoast – Yoast was installed to increase visitor traffic from Google and Bing. Once the plugin is install, it has a simple 12 step process.
For each page, Yoast also provides a RAG status analytics to help improve search success. As I updated the site, these indicators would change, providing me with a visual to achieve the best results.


Monster Insights – As per ‘Google Analytics’ question.

YouTubePro – As my portfolio is essentially my YouTube Channel, I wanted my site to display content from my YouTube, and also be playable. The plugin has ridiculously easy set up, with tick box to select how how want items to display.

Instagram feed – Just like the YouTube Pro plugin, my photography portfolio is through Instagram. This app was also very easy to use, allowing me to customise how many images to show within the grid, back ground colours, image sizes and so on.
Pro options are available for likes and comments on each photo to also be displayed, which I may look at down the track.

Function of Categories and Tags

What is the function of Categories and Tags within WordPress and how have you
utilised these? 

Categories and Tags use to be one in the same with WordPress, but since being separated, it now allows bloggers and readers a clearer method of search versatility, using Categories as a high level menu system, or tags for more granular keywords.

Categories are used to group like posts together. For example if you have a fashion blog, you may have a category for tops, and another for socks. Categories will allow users to search specifically for blog posts in relation to socks.

Tags are used much like hashtags on Instagram. Keywords are used to identify key parts of the posts content and to help draw in readers.

WordPress Template

What is the function of a WordPress template?

The WordPress templates provide a standardised formatting solution for fonts, colour and style, that are easily updated and added to your website.
Although having an understanding of HTML and CSS will help you to fully customise your site, choosing the right WordPress plugins will provide an easy, fast and efficient way of creating a website that will look professional.

Themes are easily interchangeable. If you have a change of mind on the colour and font type, simply search through the WordPress themes and find something more suitable.

The WordPress Loop

How do you understand the WordPress Loop and how would you use it to display a list of blog posts?

Where HTML and CSS code can be stagnant, PHP and loops can add a live and variable element to the code. For example, if I have a list of blog posts, I may want the first post to display differently to the rest. I can choose to have it display more text of the blog post, with a picture, where as the other posts will have a limited excerpt and no picture.
I could also use the readers time or location to display different content dependent on if they are reading it in the morning or evening, Australia or over seas.This will make the reader feel as though the site is more personalised to them, and can also be used to show them more relevant content.

Marketing strategy to promote yourself

Based on what you have learned to the end of Module 5, outline in point form an interdisciplinary marketing strategy you could use to promote yourself via a portfolio website (200 words). This could include CMS tools learned in this subject, SEO strategies, print, audio and video.

For my portfolio site, I wanted to create a site to promote my side business for campaign marketing. Having worked with some big companies in the last year, I want a site where possible clients can find a bio about me, with both my YouTube and Instagram content visible in one location, and also be able to contact me quickly.
I chose to have my ‘About’ page as the landing providing them with a background of how I got started, who I have previously collaborated with, and awards I have won.
Having these one the front page also align with my Yoast settings as they provide a lot of strong keywords to help my site be discovered.
Socials are also easily available, as there are never enough followers, and also an option to join the mailing list for CheepJokes.
Where I have listed companies I have worked with, there is a direct link to this content for easy viewing and reference checks. I have also included some testimonials which will act as references.

Within the SEO, I have used keywords such as ‘Influencer’ (of the year), ‘LEGO’, ‘Animation’, to assist in being discovered via Google.