Marketing strategy to promote yourself

Based on what you have learned to the end of Module 5, outline in point form an interdisciplinary marketing strategy you could use to promote yourself via a portfolio website (200 words). This could include CMS tools learned in this subject, SEO strategies, print, audio and video.

For my portfolio site, I wanted to create a site to promote my side business for campaign marketing. Having worked with some big companies in the last year, I want a site where possible clients can find a bio about me, with both my YouTube and Instagram content visible in one location, and also be able to contact me quickly.
I chose to have my ‘About’ page as the landing providing them with a background of how I got started, who I have previously collaborated with, and awards I have won.
Having these one the front page also align with my Yoast settings as they provide a lot of strong keywords to help my site be discovered.
Socials are also easily available, as there are never enough followers, and also an option to join the mailing list for CheepJokes.
Where I have listed companies I have worked with, there is a direct link to this content for easy viewing and reference checks. I have also included some testimonials which will act as references.

Within the SEO, I have used keywords such as ‘Influencer’ (of the year), ‘LEGO’, ‘Animation’, to assist in being discovered via Google.