WordPress Plugins

What plugins have you deployed and why? How have you deployed and configured them with discussed examples and screenshots?

WPBakery Page Builder – This plugin has an intuitive drag and drop design, which makes customisation even easier. It provides grid lines with various option for you to work within the container, where you have a wide selection of elements to choose from, being media, social media, maps and so on.


SEO Yoast – Yoast was installed to increase visitor traffic from Google and Bing. Once the plugin is install, it has a simple 12 step process.
For each page, Yoast also provides a RAG status analytics to help improve search success. As I updated the site, these indicators would change, providing me with a visual to achieve the best results.


Monster Insights – As per ‘Google Analytics’ question.

YouTubePro – As my portfolio is essentially my YouTube Channel, I wanted my site to display content from my YouTube, and also be playable. The plugin has ridiculously easy set up, with tick box to select how how want items to display.

Instagram feed – Just like the YouTube Pro plugin, my photography portfolio is through Instagram. This app was also very easy to use, allowing me to customise how many images to show within the grid, back ground colours, image sizes and so on.
Pro options are available for likes and comments on each photo to also be displayed, which I may look at down the track.

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